Our approach

To our candidates we offer professional advice for better understanding of the labor market.

The style of our communication is open and fair.

Our main focus is to help you to succeed in tenders.

You become a partner of us, not an item in the database.

We provide you with a feedback and we do our best to find job opportunities for you even repeatedly in case of an unsuccessful selection process. We always look for Win – Win solutions for everyone.

Counseling and finding a suitable job

As a part of our paid services, we give you advice on the job search process and guide you on the right path to the better job, assisting you in improving your professional manners and presentation.


Career counseling

During a face-to-face or online consultation, we present the current labor market situation and give you recommendations on effective and systematic search for your new job opportunity which has to correspond to your experience, the job tasks requirements and salary requirements, recommendations on your social networks presentations, on building your personal brand and improving your professional CV.

We provide you with specific instructions on how to successfully attract your new employer.

Price 3.590 Kč incl. VAT

Professional resume

We help you to prepare and improve your CV to make it attractive in every tender. We help you to stand out and to present yourself as a professional. We give you advice on the CV structure, on the important information which should be included and on the information which you do not need to include.

Price 1.190 CZK incl. VAT

Professional LinkedIn profile

We optimize your profile on the strongest professional social network so that you attract job brokers or companies which are looking for suitable employees proactively on their own even more. We help you to ensure that your personal brand appears attractive and that you present yourself online for the new opportunities effectively.

Price 1.190 CZK incl. VAT

Preparing for a successful interview

We prepare you for important job interviews through interview training.

We give you recommendations on the self-introduction and on the presentation of your previous work experience and CV in general, recommendations on how to ask to get the wanted answers, how to find out as much as possible about the job tasks of a specific position, about the job classification within the company where you have an interview, and recommendations on your remuneration negotiation.

Price 2.390 CZK incl. VAT

After the career counseling, we offer you suitable job opportunities and can address your dream companies actively!

To get the career advice and the appropriate job offers from our prestigious clients, please, contact us using the telephone number or e-mail in the contacts section.


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