Our know-how


  • managers and highly specialized professionals do not search new opportunities on job portals. They do not publish their CVs and due to lack of time they are not able to monitor labor market
  • we search for such candidates directly, discreetly and professionally
  • the result is a true expert on the right place!


  • we provide qualified employees from manual to the top management positions
  • we work with the largest job portals, internal databases, recommendations and social networks
  • based on well-defined requirements we can realize tender; profiles of suitable candidates will be presented in written form with a personall meeting recomendation


  • we can work with specific requirements
  • we can advise you and apply customized solutions
  • we can help you to improve processes to be effective at hiring the perfect employees

OUTSOURCING of tenders and advertising

  • if you do not know who you are looking for and where to find the right people, we can help you to set up the job description of demanded position
  • we will provide effective advertising and promotion on the basis of the definition of your requirements
  • we will take care of the pre-selection of candidates, including CV selection
  • the goal is to find the right person for your company and save your time … and time is money!


Looking for quality employees and would like to take advantage of the HR PROfi services?
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Tomáš Ripcsik
Managing Director

Tel: (+420) 774 134 818
E: info@hrprofi.info